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Bradford City AFC is committed to extending football and the facilities at the University of Bradford Stadium to the widest possible contingency of supporters.

This policy sets out the club's intentions and procedures in ensuring the needs of all supporters are met.

Bradford City welcomes any opportunity to discuss its facilities with disabled spectators in order to improve the experience it offers and the enjoyment of spectators attending the University of Bradford Stadium. 

Definition of Disability

For the purpose of the implementation of this policy, the football club defines a spectator with a disability as being:

An individual who is in possession of a valid Disabled Living Allowance (DLA) at an appropriate level.

Under current provision, this would include individuals who obtain the DLA mobility component at the high rate, the mid or high rate of the care element or the War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement.


An individual who receives a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) where this provision replaces DLA from 2013 onwards.


An individual with a written statement from a qualified medical practitioner stating he/she suffers from a condition which reduces mobility and/or requires assistance with activities relevant to attending a football match.


An individual who is registered as blind.

Please note: Production of the blue/orange badge will not be considered sufficient proof of disability.

The club reserves the right to examine, copy and retain relevant copies of documentation which supports any individual’s claim to be considered as being disabled.

Disabled Liaison Officer (DLO)

The voluntary role of disability liaison officer is carried out by Shaneque Rowe.

She can be contacted via e-mail at

Shaneque regularly discusses good practice and issues with the club’s management team including the safety officer and director of operations.

Disabled Supporters’ Association

The Bradford City AFC Disabled Supporters Organisation, Bantams DO, is an independent entity representing the interest of all Bradford City disabled supporters.

To contact Bantams DO, please email

The Bantams DO chairwoman is Gemma Fletcher. To contact her, please e-mail

Facilities for Spectators in Wheelchairs

The club offers a variety of areas for spectators using wheelchairs. These include:

-An area in the upper Morrisons Family Stand which is covered and elevated

-An area in the lower Morrisons Family Stand which is uncovered and elevated

-An area in The Bradford Lifts Stand which is partially covered and at pitch level

-An area in The Kop (Bantams Bar) which is covered, elevated and offers additional access to a licensed bar area

-Two areas in the Kop (Blocks A and F) which are covered and elevated

-An area in the North West Corner which is covered and elevated

-An area in the TL Dallas Stand which is covered and at pitch level - this is the area designated for away supporters.

Lifts are installed on three sides of the stadium to assist wheelchair users to gain access to appropriate stands within the stadium.

A ramped access to the TL Dallas Stand is available.

Facilities for Visiting Spectators in Wheelchairs

Access for visiting spectators in wheelchairs is provided in the TL Dallas Stand - the segregated away section of the stadium.

Away supporters requiring wheelchair access are advised to book their place in advance to guarantee sufficient places are available.

Advance tickets can be pre-booked direct with Bradford City via the ticket office telephone line on 01274 773355.

Bradford City will endeavour to respond to matchday enquiries for access but cannot guarantee spaces when demand is high.

In the event of the game being designated as an all-ticket affair, for all supporters or just away fans, tickets for supporters requiring wheelchair access will be available through the away club ticket office.

Concessions and Reasonable Adjustments

Bradford City AFC does not offer concessions to spectators in wheelchairs.

All tickets are charged at the price appropriate to the stand in which spectators in wheelchairs are accommodated.

This includes, where appropriate, concessions for children and/or senior citizens.

Where a spectator in a wheelchair requires the support of a carer, a complimentary ticket for a specific seat near the wheelchair position will be provided.

The companion will be expected to provide any support required for the spectator in a wheelchair including assistance in the need of an emergency evacuation.

Due to the location of the facilities for wheelchairs in the visitors’ section (the access to the entrance, catering and toilet facilities is not easy due to the stadium’s location of the side of a valley) it is recommended any visiting supporter who uses a wheelchair should bring a companion with them to the game.

Spectators with Mobility Issues (Ambulant Disabled)

The same provisions as those specified to spectators in wheelchairs will apply to ambulant disabled spectators.

Applications can be made to Shaneque Rowe (contact details above) or alternatively directly to the club via or by telephone on 01274 773355, where staff will be pleased to discuss how appropriate provisions might be made available.

Deaf Supporters or Supporters Requiring Hearing Aid

No additional facilities are currently provided for spectators who are deaf or have a hearing impairment.

Blind Supporters or Supporters with Visual Impairment

The club have two radios which are available for matchdays and can be booked by calling the club on 01274 773355, e-mailing the club at or contacting Shaneque Rowe (contact details above).

No concession is made to spectators with the visual impairment and the usual charge will apply.

Where the spectator requires the support of a carer, a complimentary ticket will be provided for the companion.

Provision can also be made for the attendance of a guide dog, where required, providing arrangements are made in advance with the disability liaison officer or the club’s ticket office.

Accessible Media

The club is aware it has an anticipatory duty to provide accessible information in different formats (e.g. audio tape, large print, Braille, electronic formats).

Should supporters require alternative formats, enquiries should be made to Shaneque Rowe (contact details above) or alternatively directly to the club via or by telephone on 01274 773355, three weeks before the date of the game, where staff will be pleased to discuss how appropriate provisions might be made available.

Family Sections

Bradford City AFC has a designated family area within both tiers of the University of Bradford Stadium's Morrisons Stand (West). 


Disabled car-parking facilities are available to season ticket-holders within the existing club car parks.

There is no provision, at the present time, for additional spaces to be allocated within the club’s car parks.

Due to the profile of the ground and its surrounding environment (being on a valley side), other car parks in the area do not offer natural or easy access to the stadium.

There is disability parking offered within the road closure on Midland Road, operated on a first come, first served basis. This has ease of access into The Bradford Lifts Stand.

Stewards will be pleased to help if supporters with disabilities wish to be dropped off from a vehicle, but it is recommended any such drop-off takes place at least one hour before kick-off.

Similar assistance can be provided for pick-up after the game but, on safety grounds, any pick-ups will be delayed until the majority of the crowd have left the area.

Lines of Sight

All areas in which spectators in wheelchairs are located offer good lines of sight.

Most areas are elevated or positioned at the front of each stand, accommodation in The Bradford Lifts Stand and TL Dallas Stand (visitors) is at pitch level.

Catering Facilities

The majority of catering facilities offer, for the sake of security, high-level counters.

The club makes reasonable adjustments to enable disabled spectators access to the catering facilities by allowing a helper to attend the game, free of charge.

In addition, stewards are instructed to monitor the areas in which wheelchair spectators are located, to ascertain whether any additional help is required.

Accessible Toilets

Each area of the ground offers toilets which are accessible to spectators in wheelchairs.

On matchdays, stewards and fire marshalls regularly check disabled toilets. A maintenance operative is on duty throughout the match in case any problems are identified.

Access to Other Facilities

All banqueting areas are accessible to disabled spectators. Access arrangements include lifts and accessible toilet facilities.

Steward Training

After an initial induction, all stewards are registered for the NVQ Level 2 in Spectator Safety. This qualification includes a module on disability awareness.

The safety officer keeps a record of progress by stewards and the qualification is developed and accredited through Telford College.

Audit and Accountability

Bradford City AFC commissioned a full Disability Access Audit in 2010 and in July 2016. An action plan for any required improvements is in place.

Entering the Stadium

When all sections of the stadium are open, the following methods provide the best way to gain access to your seat:

The Morrisons Family Stand (West) - Supporters in wheelchairs can gain access to The Morrisons Family Stand via Gate WD on Valley Parade or via the 1911 Reception using the lift.

North West Corner - Supporters in wheelchairs can gain access to the North West Corner through the One In A Million school compound and then through Gate NWB.

The Kop (North) - Supporters in wheelchairs can gain access to The Kop through the One In A Million School compound and then through Gate ND.

Supporters in wheelchairs cannot access The Kop from Midland Road and are asked to enter the stadium through the One In A Million School compound and then through Gate ND.

The Bradford Lifts Stand (East) - Supporters in wheelchairs should gain access to the The Bradford Lifts Stand through Gate EA.

Away supporters in wheelchairs can gain access to the University of Bradford Stadium via The Bradford Lifts Stand gate EA or, if accessing the TL Dallas Stand, the south gate on Holywell Ash Lane.

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