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Tobacco-Free Partnership of Bradford County Recognizes Members through Awards Meeting
April 21, 2016

Taylynn Jackson
BHS SWAT Vice-President

Cheryl Canova 
Santa Fe Andrews Center

Candace Osteen
Bradford High School SWAT

Carson Elder
Bradford High School SWAT President

The 2015-2016 year in tobacco prevention work has been very successful in Bradford County. Two volunteers were recognized as Volunteers of the Year for their work specifically related to Counter Tools surveillance. James Lyons and Joy Johnson from the Florida Department of Health in Bradford County completed twenty store surveys. These store surveys were used to gather data regarding retail outlets in Bradford County. This data will provide information to help the Tobacco-Free Partnership of Bradford County decipher where our efforts in this goal area will be focused. Forty-one surveys were completed in total and we look forward to evaluating the information that was collected for upcoming work. 

SWAT students were also recognized for their hard work this year. Carson Elder, Bradford High School Senior, was recognized for being the BHS SWAT President for the last two years. Her leadership has been invaluable and we will miss her! Taylynn Jackson was recognized for being the BHS SWAT Vice-President and Paxon Wise for being the BHS SWAT secretary. Candace Osteen was recognized for being the BHS SWAT adviser. 

The Tobacco-Free Partnership has a wonderful advisory council. Three people were recognized for their hard work and dedication to this coalition. Tiffany Dougherty representing Shands Regional Medical Center, Cheryl Canova representing Santa Fe Andrews Center and Candace Osteen representing Bradford High School were all acknowledged for being a member of the TFP of Bradford County Advisory Council. 

At many events this year one student made many jokes regarding her hard work and her dedication to the program. She claimed to be "SWATTER of the Year". The title stuck and she was given this award that she worked so hard for. Paxon Wise was awarded the first ever Students Working Against Tobacco SWATTER of the Year Award. 

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who worked so hard for the Tobacco-Free Partnership of Bradford County and for the BHS SWAT Club.