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Dr. Jessica Spencer Addresses the Tobacco Free Partnership of Bradford County
September 17, 2015

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Bradford County had their first meeting of the fiscal year on September 17, 2015. This meeting's agenda included organizational updates from attendees, reviewing by laws and a special presentation from Dr. Jessica Spencer.

Dr. Spencer is a 16-year veteran in the substance abuse prevention and
intervention field. She works closely with substance abuse prevention coalitions,
alcohol task forces and youth development groups in her community. Dr. Spencer recently took a leave of absence from the Manatee County Substance Abuse Coalition, where she was the Project Director, to work on the Vote No on 2 campaign. She served as the Statewide Coalition Director for the Vote No on 2 Campaign.

Dr. Jessica Spencer

Dr. Spencer spoke on the correlation between BIG tobacco and BIG marijuana. Attendees leaned how to identify the trends in marijuana potency and how the drug is ingested. TFP members learned how to understand the marijuana industry  and how they work to increase their customer base. Dr. Spencer also explained why we should be concerned with marijuana when so many states are looking at legalizing the drug for “medicinal” or recreational purposes. TFP members and SWAT students had numerous questions and were very interested in the presentation by Dr. Spencer.

For more information on Dr. Spencer's presentation or for more information on the topics discussed contact, We hope to see you at our next partnership meeting on November 19, 2015.