About Us

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Bradford County is a coalition of community members actively working to change the perception among local youth that tobacco use is a normal activity. The group consists of a wide array of adults from both the public and private sector, local youth leaders, and members of the general public.

The work of the Partnership is supported by a Community-Based Tobacco Prevention Grant through the Florida Department of Health / Tobacco Free Florida.

The local fiscal agent for the Partnership is the QuitDoc Foundation.

What we offer:

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Bradford County coordinates tobacco prevention efforts throughout Bradford County. The primary goal of the group is to create local tobacco-free policies.

Such policy change does not occur overnight. There is a huge educational component that is required to foster policy change. The Tobacco Free Partnership conducts a wide variety of community outreach and educational programs designed to explain the importance... and the need... for new, stricter tobacco free policies.

The Partnership also fosters youth involvement. Using tobacco control as the model, the Partnership raises youth leaders from local schools and youth organizations. These leaders help to drive the policy change by providing some of the community outreach and educational programs.



The Parnership is currently managed by an Advisory Council. The current members of the Advisory Council include:

The Partnership conducts its work under a set of Bylaws that are revised at the start of each fiscal year.

Partnership Facilitator is Candace Osteen. For more information about the Partnership, please contact Jenna at COsteen@QuitDoc.com.


Contact Information

707 McMahon Street
Starke, FL 32091 
Phone: 904-368-9979

Candace Osteen, Tobacco Free Partnership Facilitator: