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Bradford City Association Football Club (Bradford City AFC) is committed to providing an excellent service.  This Charter sets out the Club’s policies it will adopt to achieve that standard.

Contact with the Club

Bradford City AFC is a listening organisation that is open and transparent in its dealings with all football supporters. Contact can be made with the Club by the following methods:

By post: letters should be addressed to the Supporters’ Liaison Officer, Bradford City AFC, University of Bradford Stadium, Valley Parade, Bradford, BD8 7DY

By email: to

By telephone: on 01274 773355 

By fax: on 01274 773356

Supporters’ Liaison Officer
Bradford City AFC's Supporters’ Liaison Officer (SLO) deals with enquiries relating to stadium and ticketing matters as well as supporter experience matters such as team escorts, etc. The SLO will not be permitted to discuss any team or team selection matters. Bradford City AFC's SLO is Shaneque Rowe. Shaneque can be contacted via email on or by telephone through the club’s reception on 01274 773355. 

Information & Consultation
Bradford City AFC will maintain regular contact with its supporters; the primary source of Club information will always be its website at In addition to its website, the Club will seek to make appropriate announcements via local and national media outlets, via its official accounts on Facebook - and Twitter - and in the match day programme.  Where appropriate and where time allows, the Club will endeavour to make direct contact with supporters where individuals are directly affected by changes to procedures or operational requirements.

The information being made available will include policy statements, information relating to spectator safety and ticketing arrangements, news on team matters such as completed transfers and signings, fixture updates and amendments, changes to policies or procedures and details of links and initiatives with other external agencies. Bradford City will not comment on speculation, rumour, gossip or information released by other outlets - this approach is taken to ensure that supporters of the Club receive accurate and appropriate information on its activities.

Complaints Procedures
In the event of any of the Club’s policies and procedures leading to a complaint by a customer, the complaint should be submitted to the Club using any one of the methods listed in the contacts section above.

Complaints will be:

1.1 Received positively, treated seriously and in an open manner. 

1.2 Acknowledged immediately, preferably in writing. 

1.3 Investigated 

1.4 Resolved, wherever that is reasonably practical, within no longer than 13 working weeks. 

1.5 A source of learning with feedback used to ensure continuous improvement of the environment which the Club offers. 

The Independent Football Ombudsman
Any supporter that fails to receive a suitable response or satisfaction to their comments within 6 weeks of the matter being raised is entitled to refer the matter to The Independent Football Ombudsman (IFO). Complaints to the IFO should be made in writing by post to: Independent Football Ombudsman, Premier House, 1-5 Argyle Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 2AD - or by email to:  It is also possible to initially register your concerns by telephone by leaving a voicemail on 0800 588 4066.  Further information on the work of the IFO can be found on their website at

Equality Opportunities
Bradford City Association Football Club is committed to providing equality of opportunity for all people regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

The Club believes that all forms of verbal and physical abuse whether racial, religious or homophobic are unacceptable. Any individual or group found to be participating in such behaviour will be subject to Club banning orders.

The Club promotes inclusion and will support and participate in initiatives by football authorities and other relevant agencies that are intended to promote greater social cohesion, improved behaviour and greater awareness of the need for respect for others.

Safeguarding Children, Young People & Adults at Risk
Bradford City Association Football Club is committed to safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults in all aspects of its work and match delivery. The Club recognises that people in football are considered by many to be role models for children, young people and vulnerable adults and it will endeavour to demonstrate the correct aspects of the game to its entire audience group. The Club will seek to ensure that the football stadium provides a safe and caring environment for all spectators. Procedures for ensuring adequate child protection safeguards will be implemented and appropriate records will be kept.

Spectator Safety & Control
Bradford City Association Football Club remains committed to delivering its games and events within the parameters laid down by its safety certificate, under the Safety at Sports Grounds Act and any other relevant legislation and guidance.  It will employ staff that are suitably trained and experienced in the delivery of safe events and able to minimise risks to spectators in every situation that could have been reasonably foreseen.  Supporters will be encouraged to adhere to safe methods of viewing matches and events and show respect to other spectators.  Where behaviour by spectators falls below acceptable standards, those involved may be ejected from the match and/or banned for longer periods if the Club so decide.  The Club reserves the right to exchange information with West Yorkshire Police on any behaviour that could lead to the Club banning a supporter from its matches and events. 

Standards of Behaviour
Bradford City Association Football Club expects the highest standard of behaviour from its customers and staff. The highest ethical standards should be maintained at all times. Customers and staff should be aware that disciplinary action will be considered for any action that brings, or is likely to bring, the name or image of Bradford City AFC into disrepute. The Club adopts a zero-acceptance approach to its staff being verbally abused or threatened. Any member of the public that is abusive to staff members, uses foul and abusive language or makes threats will not be served or allowed admission to the stadium. The requirement for the highest standard of behaviour by supporters extends to away games and the Club reserves the right to ban supporters from home games where their behaviour has fallen below the required standards while attending or travelling to or from away games. Full details of the process for Club Bans will be detailed in a separate policy which will be available on the Club’s website and available on request.

Ground Regulations
Bradford City Association Football Club will abide by the ground regulations issued from time-to-time by the English Football League Ltd. These regulations are displayed around the stadium, in the match day programme and on the Club’s website at: Bradford City Association Football Club will instruct match safety stewards on the content of the regulations. Supporters agree to abide by these regulations by purchasing a ticket and gaining admission to the stadium.

Supporter Engagement
Bradford City Association Football Club will arrange a minimum of two general meetings of supporters during the football season. These events will provide an open forum for any supporter who wishes to attend with the Club being represented by at least one member of senior staff and one representative of the football management plus other staff as the Club shall see fit to address specific matters on the meeting agenda.

In addition, the Club will promote the development and continuation of a Supporters Board which will be fully inclusive and represent the views of supporters’ organisations (including, for example only, travel clubs, disability groups, The Supporters’ Trust, women’s football, the Friends of Bradford City FC, etc). The structure of the Supporters Board will be agreed with the Club in advance of each season, approval not to be unreasonably withheld by the Club. The Supporters Board will meet on a regular basis with representative of the Club’s senior management attending meetings on a minimum of a quarterly basis. The dates of meetings will be highlighted on the Supporters Board website and all supporters will be offered the change to raise points for discussion via email. Wherever possible, the topics raised by email should be shared with the Club in advance of the meeting to allow some advance research where required. Minutes of meetings, excluding confidential items that cannot be shared more widely due to commercial interests, will be approved by the Club ownership and then posted on the official Supporters Board website at  The Club will promote the Supporters’ Board as being a valid and reliable conduit by which issues and concerns can be raised.

The Supporters’ Board has established a Remembrance Panel to co-ordinate and advise upon issues relating to the commemoration of the Valley Parade Fire Disaster. The Club would encourage individuals or groups that wish to carry out commercial, fund-raising or events related to the disaster to submit their proposals to the Remembrance Panel in advance so that due consideration and prior consultation with any relevant parties can take place.  The Bradford City Supporters’ Board Remembrance Panel can be contacted via

In addition to its formal role, the Supporters Board and its members will be encouraged to participate in social events and fundraising efforts to support their Club or associated charities.

Pricing Structure & Accessibility
Bradford City Association Football Club will strive to offer its matches to the widest possible constituency of spectators by offering:

  • A broad range of ticket prices
  • Tickets on both a season ticket and match-day basis for each home match
  • Concessions for junior supporters
  • Areas for disabled supporters and their carers (in line with the Club’s policy for spectators with disabilities).

Ticket Availability
Bradford City Association Football Club seeks to offer a range of opportunities to watch their matches.  Ticketing arrangements for Bradford City AFC matches are as follows.

  • The ticket office will be open for a range of hours to meet operational needs. This will include being open from 9am until 3pm on a Saturday when the first team has a home game. Ticket Office opening hours will be publicised on the Club’s website at
  • Free or reduced admission prices against pre-purchased tickets will be offered for re-arranged dates for matches that are postponed before any play has taken place. Where games are abandoned before half-time, tickets for the re-arranged match will be made available at half-price. Where games are abandoned after the commencement of the second half, any reduction in price for the re-arranged fixture will be at the Club’s discretion. Any reductions in ticket prices for any re-arranged games will be subject to the presentation of the original match day tickets for the postponed or abandoned match.
  • Ticket prices for Cup competitions will be at the discretion of the Club and subject to agreement with the opposing Club. Tickets will be, whenever possible, allocated on a priority basis with season-ticket holders being given an option to buy tickets before they go on general sale.
  • Refunds for any tickets purchased will be at the discretion of the Club and can only be considered if the whole ticket is returned to the Club at least 24 hours before the advertised kick-off of the game.
  • The Club does not charge prices for visiting supporters that are higher than those charged to home supporters for comparable accommodation or to particular concessionary rates (e.g. children and senior citizens)
  • The Club abides by the English Football League and Football Association rules governing the allocation of tickets to visiting clubs and it reserves the right to re-locate home supporters to alternative seating in order to comply with safety requirements or the rules of the English Football League (EFL) or the Football Association
  • In the event of a supporter being denied entry to the stadium or being ejected because of inappropriate behaviour or banned for a period of time, no refunds will be made on any match tickets or season tickets paid in advance
  • Tickets for Bradford City away matches, when available, are reserved for holders of an Away match priority card (who must be season ticket or flexi-card holders) then season ticket holders and flexi-card holders who will be served on a first come, first served basis. Any remaining tickets will be placed on sale to members or supporters that have a purchasing history on dates and times publicised on the Club’s website.

Bradford City Association Football Club seeks to offer merchandise at a broad range of prices and to suit all ages. With regard to merchandising the Club or its franchisee will:

  • Undertake research of suitable goods including the design of new strips
  • Ensure that all replica strips have a minimum lifespan of 12 months
  • Meet, or ensure that franchisees meet, its obligations under the English Football League rules to prevent price fixing in relation to the sale of replica strips
  • Offer, or ensure that franchisees offer, refunds on merchandise in accordance with its legal obligations

Stadium Catering
Bradford City Association Football Club will endeavour, as far as reasonably practicable, to ensure that catering facilities and products are provided in all areas of the stadium. The outlets at the University of Bradford Stadium are provided through franchise arrangements and BCAFC will forward any complaints by supporters about catering to the appointed franchisee.

Community Involvement
Bradford City AFC takes its obligations to being involved in the local community seriously. To ensure its involvement in the local community it will:

  • Support the Football in the Community scheme which operates from the ground
  • Support any football initiatives to promote greater social cohesion, better behaviour, etc (e.g. Kick-it-out Campaign, Enjoy the Match, etc)
  • Where reasonably practicable and safe to do so, allow its facilities to be used by the local community
  • Recognise the potential value of utilising the Supporters’ Board in order to create, maintain and enhance links with the local community

Good Causes
The Bantams will be working closely with Bradford's Plastic Surgery and Burns Research Unit - and the Darby Rimmer MND Foundation this season. Another three charities - to be selected by a panel of players, staff, supporters and sponsors – will also be chosen to partner City ahead of the coming campaign. Selected charities will be granted a dedicated matchday, including a bucket collection and a host of other exciting initiatives. 

In addition, by arrangement through the Bradford City Community Foundation, players will participate in personal appearances where matches and training schedules allow.

Lost Property
Post match checks are carried out to locate any property left in the premises. Any such property will be passed to the Safety Officer for safe keeping prior to collection by the rightful owner. The Club reserves the right to dispose of any unclaimed lost property from 28 days after the date of the event at which the property was lost. Where suitable, the lost property will be used for charitable purposes.

Data Protection
Bradford City Football Club complies with relevant data protection legislation. 

Other Policies
Bradford City Association Football Club does not have formal Corporate Social Responsibility Policy or Environmental Policy.  However, it remains committed to ensuring that its operations remain acceptable to as wide a range of stakeholders as possible and remains sustainable for all concerned.  With regard to the environment, the Club previously secured the Carbon Trust Standard and will continue to adopt policies that make best use of energy resources and will take a responsible attitude to waste disposal.