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This season saw the official implementation of the club's all-new loyalty scheme, rewarding supporters for their commitment in backing the Bantams - both on and off the field. 

Launched last season, the scheme saw loyalty points assigned to fans based on how they chose to show their support for City in 2021/22, through purchasing season tickets, Away Priority and 1903 Club memberships, and more. 

The scheme has been introduced to provide additional priority purchase windows for away fixtures from the beginning of the 2022/23 campaign, where loyalty points accrued last season will come into play. Your total can be found by logging into your ticketing account

Supporters with the most loyalty points will have greater priority with regards to all future ticketing opportunities, primarily away league and cup fixtures. 

Should, however, cup fixtures arise this season where demand for tickets outweighs supply, the scheme could be introduced early, with all fixtures and other events over the course of the season offering supporters an opportunity to claim further points. 

PLEASE NOTE: This scheme will replace the former Away Priority membership, which will not be available for the 2022/23 campaign. 

From July 2022, tickets for away and cup (away and selected home) fixtures will be placed on sale at different intervals. 

The loyalty scheme will comprise bands ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’, before tickets will be made available to 2022/23 season-ticket holders and then placed on general sale. 

Loyalty points will be awarded to each supporter - over the course of the 2021/22 season and beyond - on the following basis: 

- Purchasing a season ticket: 150 loyalty points

- Purchasing a 'We are the Bantams' Bradford City membership package: 100 loyalty points

- Attending a home fixture: 20 loyalty points

- Attending an away fixture: 20 loyalty points

- Attending a home pre-season friendly: 10 loyalty points

From 2022/23, tickets for fixtures in which the loyalty scheme is applied will be placed on sale to band ‘A’ supporters from midnight EIGHT days before the day of the match in question, for 24 hours*.

Bands ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’ will then be granted their exclusive 24-hour purchasing period before, subject to availability, season-ticket holders receive a window to purchase, for at least 24 hours. From there, any remaining tickets will be placed on general sale up to the day of the fixture. 

When a supporter visits the club’s official ticketing website or the Valley Parade Ticket Office, the minimum number of loyalty points required to purchase a ticket for the fixture in question will be stated. 

As the season progresses, and supporters continue to be awarded loyalty points for each fixture they attend, the respective loyalty-point band thresholds will continue to be updated and increased on a match-by-match basis. 

Ahead of each fixture where the scheme is applied, the required number of points will be clarified before tickets are placed on sale. 

*PLEASE NOTE: The exclusive purchasing windows of 24 hours for each loyalty-point band - eight days before the fixture in question - will apply subject to the club receiving tickets for sale from the home side in a timely manner, at least two weeks before the respective match. 

For any further details on the club’s loyalty scheme, please e-mail, call 01274 770012 or Tweet @bcafchelp. 

Supporters do not need to be a current season-ticket holder in order to be able to accrue loyalty points. All that is required is a membership number on the club’s official ticketing website, giving supporters the ability to purchase various products which are available on the site. 

Supporters' online ticketing accounts will be refreshed and updated with their respective loyalty-point totals on a monthly basis.